Sharefile vs Onedrive – Software Comparison

Thanks to modern technology, companies no longer need to spend a lot of time providing access to their documents. Third-party professionals can now get access to all company information they need online through dedicated cloud storage, anytime, anywhere. However, not all providers of such spaces offer proper security for companies. In this article, we will compare and highlight the main features of only two such servers, namely ShareFile and OneDrive, so you can decide which solution suits you best.

Overview of ShareFile features

ShareFile is a cloud space for storing and managing documents that could be a great option for small or medium-sized businesses. But of course, the best way for you to see for yourself, and the program can give you that opportunity, because it offers a one-month trial of its product. After the trial, if you’re happy with it, you have three pricing plans to choose from, which include various perks and extras. 

ShareFile makes file sharing a lot easier, but if you’re new to it, the providers have made sure you learn how to use their product and have provided a little guide to all the features of the space. By following the tips and instructions, you can learn how to upload, share, and request files for external and internal users, as well as how to create folders.

ShareFile allows you to download files quickly and efficiently, and its flexibility allows you to enter the space simultaneously from multiple devices.

ShareFile’s main features:

  • No storage capacity limit
  • The files you can upload to the space can be up to 100 GB in size
  • Drag and drop feature
  • Presence of templates and activity log
  • Integrated with Outlook and e-signatures
  • Has a mobile app

Main disadvantages:

  • Users often complained about glitches
  • Without a subscription to Microsoft 365, it’s impossible to edit documents in the space

Overview of OneDrive features

OneDrive for Business is a Microsoft cloud service that is guaranteed to be able to give you security while storing and sharing documents. Businesses of all sizes can use OneDrive because it has provided all the necessary facilities to do so.

One of the advantages of this space is that it is integrated with the entire Microsoft 365 suite of applications and thus users can work with documents, edit and create different types of files right inside the program. The program provides you with free document storage space with a limit of 15 GB, but if that doesn’t seem like enough, you can get more. There are several ways to do this, for example, you can invite a friend to create a OneDrive account or you can allow the app to back up your photos to your mobile device, and then you will get extra space. The program has no limitations about storing different types of files, you can store photos, videos, and other files, and also helps you organize your data so you don’t have to do it manually.

The main features of OneDrive are:

  • Ability to use up to 1 TR of storage
  • Maximum file size of up to 15GB
  • Has a mobile app
  • Can work together
  • Provides mobile backups

Main disadvantages of the program:

  • There are some privacy issues
  • Sometimes there are sync errors
  • Individual file encryption

So, in comparing sharefile vs onedrive we found that each program has its strengths and weaknesses. Based on these it will be easier for you to decide which vendor is best for you.