Considering the Best Dataroom Alternative

Virtual Data Rooms is a unique space for sharing and storing documents, which is a great helper for business while making deals or working on projects. It is a special tool because at the moment there is no adequate alternative for this program. But there is a solution closest to it – it’s cloud storage, based on which VDRs were created. In this article, we will review some of the best cloud storage.

Google Drive Overview

Google Drive was one of the very first cloud storage solutions to appear on the market. Since then, the number of users of this solution has grown tirelessly and has now surpassed one billion people. Google Drive is used by individual users, as well as educational institutions and even small business companies. This cloud allows you to quickly and efficiently upload files to your space, download them, and even edit them together. Google Drive also supports all types of files including audio, video, and images.

The cloud space offers free services with 15GB of storage, those files that you no longer find relevant can be put in the trash and then recovered or deleted at any time. It’s possible to create a folder and subfolder structure, as well as access documents via a transferable link.

Main advantages:

  • It automatically encrypts data
  • Antivirus checks all files for viruses during downloading
  • Can be set up as the backup
  • Has a mobile app
  • It is possible to subscribe to different tariffs

The main disadvantages:

  • If the file is large enough then the download speed can slow down
  • It is necessary to wait for the archive to be formed when downloading multiple files at once

Microsoft OneDrive Overview

Microsoft OneDrive is one of the best cloud storage today, which can be considered a dataroom alternative. It is automatically installed on version 10 of Windows, can maintain constant synchronization of data that belongs to the Microsoft Office suite of programs. If you sign up for Office 365, you can get a whole terabyte of storage from OneDrive. But when you create an account, we only have 5GB of free space at our disposal.

Main benefits:

  • Built-in free online document editor
  • Collaboration support with Microsoft benefits
  • Open space on multiple devices at once
  • Supports other desktop and mobile operating systems in addition to Windows
  • Data encryption

Main disadvantages:

  • Rather high prices
  • Small initial storage space

DropBox Review

DropBox is a fairly experienced company that was established back in 2007 and is now the second most popular company after Google Drive. After the events of the space hack that occurred in 2012, the company not only recovered but also significantly strengthened its protection.

The free version of the space gives you 2GB of storage, but companies can sign up for paid plans to increase it. Not taking storage into account, DropBox is valued for its speed and efficiency of file downloads, and its ability to work together.

The main pluses are:

  • Download speed exceeds all expectations and works great in all regions of the world
  • Simple and user-friendly interface makes it easy to adapt and start using the space and its tools right away
  • Full integration with Microsoft suite of programs -tables, presentations, documents, etc.

Main disadvantages:

  • The absolute minimum of free space – 2 GB
  • Relatively high prices for additional storage space, about $ 20 per month for unlimited space